Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vote for Sue Boldra in the Draft Sue Boldra Straw Poll!

The Draft Sue Boldra Straw Poll Committee has announced today that we will be launching a Straw Poll! Please look to your immediate left ( that's <--------- way for any youngsters reading). There are no requirements for the poll, we just ask all Sue Boldra readers to vote early and vote often for Sue Boldra. This is a unilateral response to Stay Red Kansas, which woefully neglected Sue Boldra from their straw poll, which is closing in 24 hours. I would like to start spinning the results of the Stay Red Kansas by saying this: Sue Boldra does not expect to win that poll.

As a promotion of our straw poll, we will be awarding a special prize from Rick, one of our most loyal supporters, to the candidate who receives the most votes!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sue Boldra Reaffirms Support of Roe v. Wade, Abortion on Demand

In an interview today with the Hutchinson News, Sue Boldra reaffirme
d her support of Roe v. Wade, a landmark Supreme Court case which guarantees the right of all women to have an abortion:
As for the issues of abortion and gay marriage, they are largely "off the table" because the Supreme Court has ruled on abortion and federal and state laws keep marriage solely between a man and a woman in Kansas, she said.

"It's not what a representative would be working on," Boldra said.
Sue Boldra also committed herself to being a "champion of compromise."

We are proud of Sue Boldra for boldly declaring her stance on an issue of critical importance pertaining to a woman's reproductive health, and we are glad that she has affirmed what we have stated on this blog.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Who Am I?"

After the barrage of emails and comments this morning, I had to ask myself, "Who Am I?" much like Derek did as he looked at a reflection of himself in a puddle in the movie "Zoolander", you know, the guy who started the "Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too."

On a more serious note, I am a former student of Sue Boldra's who supports her bid for Congress. The views that Sue holds and the views I am promoting on this site are views that Sue Boldra gave as a professor and helped shape my political views.

This site is humorous because I believe that politics are far too often too stuffy, and if we want to appeal to a younger generation of voters we have to make it somewhat entertaining. By making this site entertaining, it is my hope that more young people will take interest in politics and especailly Sue's run for Congress.

Furthermore, it is important that the Republican Party returns to its roots, and Sue Boldra, I believe, is the person who can help lead the charge by returning to a key principle of the Republican Party which I believe reasonates most to your average Kansas voter: limited government.

Give everyone the ability to live their lives the way they want.

Give women control over their bodies. Kansas has become a hot spot in the battle over abortion, and by the 1st District electing Sue Boldra, we will prove that even rural Kansans can agree on such a controversial issue. She can become a voice on this key issue to women across Kansas.

Give people the right to marry the person they love. This issue especially resonates with young people who have grown up in broken homes of heterosexual couples and are now discovering what real love is -- and that it isn't necessarily between straights.

I guess I would best describe myself as a libertarian, and I think that is the best way to describe Sue Boldra given the views she shared in class. I remember going through her class not really knowing where she stood politically... in fact, most of us thought she was a liberal. I think that is a really good quality in a candidate, to not really know exactly where they stand. It shows confidence as a free thinker.

The two Tims, Barker and Huelskamp, and Wassyinger, are not free-thinkers, they are simply opportunists who are going to tell voters what they think they want to hear.

So that's who I am. Who are you anonymous commenters?

In Picture: The Moment

They say a picture says 1,000 words. Well, we're going to keep it brief.

We have received a picture that shows the exact moment after Sue Boldra read our Draft site and decided that she would answer our call!

Let the caption contest begin!

UPDATE: The Photo has been removed after a request from the Hays Daily News due to their copyright. We will be taking a screen shot of the photo from the article and will re-post it up here. Taking a photo of a photo isn't a violation, is it? AND IF YOU COPY OUR SCREENSHOT PHOTO OF THE PHOTO, YOU'RE DONE!

An Explanation

As reported last night, Sue Boldra has jumped into the race just 24 hours within our draft movement being created. We are happy with our success and look forward to continue our promotion of Sue Boldra. When she wins, just remember who was there from the beginning.

There has been a bit of confusion on the blogosphere in regard to Sue's statement that she put out last night on her official website:

"I look forward to a campaign focused on the issues important to all Kansans, devoid of inter-party and bi-partisan bickering." -- Sue Boldra
Many folk across Kansas this morning were pondering "what does Sue Boldra mean by this?"

We have the answer.

Inter-party bickering is a reference to the Senate primary race between Snarlin' Arlen Specter and Pat Toomey. They HATED each other! They wanted to rip their heads off! Sue Boldra will have none of this and will work her best to keep Pat Toomey or Arlen Specter out of the 2008 Senate primary. She doesn't care which one, but there will be none more than one.

Bi-partisan bickering is when both parties come together as one to bicker. This was best seen on the floor of the Senate when Dick Cheney told Pat Leahy to go.... ummm... you know. Uh. Look it up, there might be children reading this. In order to avoid such a scene between Pat Toomey and Arlen Specter, Boldra will make sure to join forces with the Democrats to keep one of them out. After all, if they were BOTH to win the primary, one would have to run as a Democrat. Hence, the cartoon, should she decide she wants to knock out Specter.

What are the long-term goals in all of this? We're not quite sure, but we like it. We like it ALOOOTTTT.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mission Accomplished: Sue Boldra is IN!

Our draft has been successful!

Sue Boldra is IN!

And, this is exactly the rhetoric we were hoping from her:
"I look forward to a campaign focused on the issues important to all Kansans, devoid of inter-party and bi-partisan bickering." -- Sue Boldra

As you've probably figured out, we have sources close to Boldra, which is of course why we launched this website when we did.

We are hearing that Sue Boldra's next move will to aggressively pursue the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation's largest group of homosexual Republicans.

If Boldra receives the endorsement, without a doubt it will bring national attention to the race and will quickly put her ahead of the three stooges.

Stay Tuned!

UPDATE: We just launched our Facebook Group in a way to reach out to young people. We certainly think a bunch of Sue's former students will join!

Congratulations to Governor Kathleen Sebelius

Kansans for Sue Boldra would like to congratulate our governor, Kathleen Sebelius, in her nomination to serve in President Obama's cabinet as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

We are thrilled that a woman will be joining Hillary R. Clinton in one of the highest federal positions in our nation.

Gov. Sebelius has a record of strongly supporting a woman's right to choose and standing up to fellow Catholics who question her faith because of her support of a sacred Constitutional right.

We believe Sue Boldra is the next Kathleen Sebelius who will make women proud in Kansas and ultimately become a national political player.

Unlike Sebelius, who puts principle before nutsy religion, Sue Boldra's opponents will instead use their "faith" to promote their political agenda.

Already, Rob "Wassy" Wasinger has gained endorsements from anti-choice religious zealots such as Frank Pavone, who is a popular priest within the anti-choice movement, and Mr. Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo who fought the right of Terri's husband to make health-care decisions for his wife. The Kansas01 blog is also reporting that Wassy has earned the endorsement of David Barton, who boasts as "one of the most 25 influential Evangelicals in the country." Ugh. Wasinger also has 9 children, which is a bit much if you ask me.

Tim Huelskamp has also thrown himself to the religious right, receiving the endorsement of "Concerned Women of America." Incidentially, the so-called "women's organization" is apparently ran by a man, as their press release urges people to contact a certain "Mike Mears" for more information. Hmmm.... guess they couldn't find any more concerned women. It doesn't end there, as he has also gained the support of Mike YUCKabee, who after discovering he could lose weight to make millions used a subliminal cross in a campaign ad to appeal to religious nuts in Iowa.

Tim Barker has made no appeals nor has received any endorsements from the religious right... but then again, I am not sure he has found any support past his immediate family, who filled his campaign coffers after he realized that federal campaigns can't accept corporate contributions.

If you want someone who will make both center-left Republicans and Democrats proud in the mold of Kathleen Sebelius, join us in supporting Sue Boldra in a potential bid for Congress.